Building your own home is a demanding, but very exciting task and a big stage in your and your family’s life. Roofing is the last stage in the process, after which your home gets its final shape and you can move to finer works. Choosing appropriate roofing is essential. It protects your home from all weather conditions and it should be there to last. Therefore, it is important to choose the best possible roofing for your home.

What you should look for?

roof-06Before you start searching for the roofing materials, there are several things to consider. First, have in mind that the roof needs to last and be durable enough to stand weather conditions. Is the climate of your living area mild, or are there harsh winters or hot summers? What’s more, think about the occurrence of natural disasters in your area, such as hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

Next, consider the roof framing and determine how much weight it will be able to stand. Some roofing materials are very heavy, and not all framings are able to hold them. Together with framing, you should think about the slope, because not all roofing materials are suitable for all slopes.


The aesthetics is important as well. Think about the roofing that will complement the overall style of your house, but also the style of the homes in your neighborhood. And finally, consider the price.

Types of roofing materials

The roofing material you will choose depends on the factors given above. Not all materials are suitable for all roofs, so we will give you characteristics of several most commonly used roofing materials. This will help you narrow down the choice and determine which material is the best for your home.

Asphalt composition shingles

This is currently the most popular type of roofing, and 8 out of 10 residential buildings have it. It is fire resistant, wind resistant and inexpensive. It is also moderate in weight and can be used on roofs with different slopes. On the minus side, it is not very durable, and it is not eco-friendly.

Clay and concrete tile


These tiles look good; they are long lasting and require low maintenance. They cover roofs with moderate to steep slopes and they are very fire resistant. On the minus side, they are not very wind resistant. Despite being durable, they are very brittle and can break. Lastly, they are quite expensive.


Slate is made from natural rock, it is very durable and wonderful in appearance. It provides good protection from wind and fire and it is used only on steep sloped roofs. The drawbacks are that it is very heavy and difficult to install, and it is also very expensive.

Plastic polymer

This material looks like slate or wooden roof. It provides good protection from wind and fire; it is lightweight or moderately heavy and very durable. It covers roofs with moderate to very steep slopes, and its cost is moderate.

Metal is quite durable, very lightweight and usable on roofs with different slopes. It is very resistant to wind and fire. It can be eco-friendly if the recycled metal is used, and the roofing itself is recyclable. On the minus side, it can be very expensive, although there are cheaper versions as well.